1992 - Finally

We Got a Love Thang
Inside That I Cried
It Should Have Been You
Keep On Walkin
Crazy Love
I See Love
You Win, I Win, We Lose

1994 - Thought' Ya Knew

I'm In The Mood
Hit By Love
Whatever It Is
Forever In My Heart
I'm Not Over You
Any Way You Wanna Go
Give What I'm Givin'
Through Those Doors
Let My Love Surround You
Keep Givin' Me Your Love
If You Love Me, I Will Love You
Maybe It's The Way
I Will Be Received
1996 - I'm Movin' On
Movin' On
Looking for a Love That's Real
Sprung on You (Groove Me)
Before I Lay
Somebody Else's Guy
If It Should Rain
House Party
The Last to Know
Interlude I
I'm Over You
Don't Know What to Do
Interlude II