1984 - Jennifer Rush


Madonna's Eyes
25 Lovers
Come Give Me Your Hand
Nobody Move
Never Gonna Turn Back Again
Ring of Ice
Into My Dreams
I See a Shadow (Not a Fantasy)
The Power of Love


1985 - Movin'


Silent Killer
Live Wire
If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love
Ave Maria (Survivors of a Different Kind)
Testify With My Heart
Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
The Right Time Has Come Now
Hero Of A Fool

1987 - Heart Over Mind

I Come Undone
Down To You
Heart Over Mind
Search The Sky
Flames Of Paradise
Love Of A Stranger
Heart Wars
Call My Name

1988 - Passion

Love Get Ready
You're My One and Only
Falling in Love
When I Look in Your Eyes
Remind My Heart
Keep All the Fires Burning Bright
Same Heart
My Heart is Still Young
You Don't Know What You've Got ('Til it's Gone)
Rain Coming Down on Me
Now That it's Over

1989 - Wings Of Desire

Wings of Desire
Midnight Mirage
Higher Ground
Love is a Wild Thing
For All That
Love is the Language (of the Heart)
Walk Away

1991 - The Power Of Jennifer Rush

Heart Over Mind
Ave Maria (Survivors of a Different Kind)
Ring of Ice
The Power of Love
Higher Ground
Flames of Paradise
25 Lovers
I Come Undone
Same Heart
If You're Ever Gonna Lose My Love
Solitaria Mujer
Vida de Mi Vida

1992 - Jennifer Rush


Vision of You
I'm in It for Love
Wherever You Are
Never Say Never
Unwanted Child
Who I Am
Waiting for the Heartache
A Broken Heart
Timeless Love
I Can't Say No

1995 - Out Of My Hands

Tears in the Rain
Out of My Hands
In the Arms of Love
Who Wants to Live Forever
Only Heaven Knows
Crazy 'bout You
Cry, Baby...
Nights in White Satin'

1997 - Credo

The Flame
Now That I Found You
Sweet Thing
Healing Power
Piano in the Dark
Deeper Within
More than Words
A Touch of Paradise
The Places You Find Love
All in Love is Fair

1998 - Classics


The End of a Journey
The Power of Love
Ring of Ice
I Come Undone
All I Want is You
The Last Day of Summer
25 Lovers
Heart Over Mind
You'll Never Catch Me Dreaming
Ave Maria
Hero of a Fool

2010 - Now Is The Hour


Dream Awake
Betcha Never
Down on My Knees
Head Above Water
I Never Asked for an Angel
Echoes Love
I'm Not Dreaming Anymore
Now Is the Hour
Like I Would for You
Before the Dawn
Eyes of a Woman
Just This Way
Ain't Loved You Long Enough