1996 - Ten Thousand Angels

Ten Thousand Angels
Guys Do It All the Time
All That I Am
Maybe He'll Notice Her Now (duet with Richie McDonald)
A Girl's Gotta Do (What a Girl's Gotta Do)
Have a Nice Day
It Ain't a Party
Without Love
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Breakin' It

1997 - If I Don't Stay the Night

What If I Do
This Is Me
If I Don't Stay the Night
Cross Against the Moon
For a Good Time Call
Oh Romeo
The Other Side of This Kiss
You'll Never Know
Fine Art of Holding a Woman
Only a Whisper
Long, Long Time

1999 - I'm Not So Tough

I'm Not So Tough
Tumble and Roll
All I Want Is Everything
Two Different Things
Dream On
I've Got a Feeling
Thunder and Roses
Over and Over
Lucky Me
Hold Me
Take Me Apart

2002 - Mindy McCready

Maybe, Maybe Not
Lips Like Yours
Lovin' Your Man
Be with Me
The Fire
I Just Want Love
Don't Speak
If I Feel Your Hand
You Get to Me

2010 - I'm Still Here

Wrong Again
By Her Side
I Want a Man
I'm Still Here
I Want to Love You
Songs About You
The Way You Make Me Melt
The Dance
I Hate That I Love You
By Her Side (Acoustic Version)
Guys Do It All the Time (Newly Updated Version )
Ten Thousand Angels (Newly Updated Version)