1970 - Come To My Garden


Les Fleurs
Come to My Garden
Memory Band
Rainy Day in Centerville
Close Your Eyes and Remember
Oh, By the Way
Only When I'm Dreaming
Whenever, Wherever

1974 - Perfect Angel


It's So Nice (To See Old Friends)
Take a Little Trip
Seeing You This Way
The Edge of a Dream
Perfect Angel
Every Time He Comes Around
Lovin' You
Our Lives

1975 - Adventures in Paradise


Baby, This Love I Have
Feelin' That Your Feelin's Right
When It Comes Down to It
Minnie's Lament
Love and Its Glory
Adventures in Paradise
Inside My Love
Alone in Brewster Bay
Simple Things
Don't Let Anyone Bring You Down

1977 - Stay In Love


Young Willing and Able
Could It Be I'm in Love
Oh Darlin'... Life Goes On
Can You Feel What I'm Saying?
Gettin' Ready for Your Love
Stick Together
Wouldn't Matter Where You Are
How Could I Love You More
Stay in Love

1979 - Minnie


Memory Lane
Lover and Friend
Return to Forever
Dancin' & Actin' Crazy
Love Hurts
Never Existed Before
I'm a Woman
Light My Fire

1980 - Love Lives Forever


Here We Go
I'm in Love Again
Strange Affair
Island in the Sun
Give Me Time
You Take My Breath Away
The Song of Life (La-La-La)